Goldberg & Connolly’s Managing Partner, Henry L. Goldberg, Speaks at CMAA Technical Group Meeting on September 13, 2012

Goldberg & Connolly is pleased to announce that the firm's managing partner Henry L. Goldberg, who also serves as General Counsel to the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) Metro New York/New Jersey Chapter, will speak at the CMAA National Conference. The event will take place from October 21-23, 2012 at the Sheraton Chicago, IL.

Mr. Goldberg's presentation will address a growing concern among construction managers throughout the nation - insurance coverage disclaimers. Titled, "Does Your Insurance Program Have You 'Covered'?Confronting Today's Rising Incidence of Insurance Coverage Disclaimers by Carriers," the discussion will detail the twofold predicament of increasing insurance costs coupled with a higher frequency of disclaimers of coverage that have put a stranglehold on construction managers, their clients and their employers.

Mr. Goldberg will explain how construction managers can deal with this pressure, covering topics such as risk shifting through the use of additional insured endorsements and indemnity agreements, adapting to the concept of "horizontal exhaustion," preserving the additional "insured coverage" provided, and how to handle holdbacks when public and private owners learn of insurance coverage deficiencies.

Mr. Goldberg is a prominent authority in construction law and government contracting. His firm represents owners and developers, construction contractors, subcontractors, sureties and government agencies. He regularly counsels his clients with regard to problems that arise during all phases of construction and he is an expert in all types of construction claims and controversies.

Mr. Goldberg and the attorneys of Goldberg & Connolly's Policyholder Coverage Group work with insurance brokers and agents, corporate risk managers, public adjusters and clients' financial professionals to help clients obtain the full policy benefits for which they have paid. Maintaining insurance coverage is an essential asset protection strategy for any viable business. In the construction industry, however, it must be a priority given the inherent risks of the industry. Goldberg & Connolly works with insurance brokers and agents, corporate risk managers, public adjusters, and clients' financial professionals and in-house counsel to resolve insurance coverage claims. The firm helps structure strategies to compel insurers to assume full coverage responsibility when and where they should.

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